Digital Communications Platform


You can Read or write the settings in the DCP using a SMS text message.
The format of the message can carry several commands separated by commas "," :

Example: Pin1234, P031 01628540100, p032?`

"Pin1234" is the Access code if the code is "1234"
"P031 01628540100" is the command to write the phonenumber "01628540100" into parameter "P031"
"P032?" is the command to read the value in "P032"

The DCP is compatible with most Networks.
To use SIM cards other than the Avire SIM card, you need to configure the Sim card APN settings in the DCP, via sms.
The Sim card has to be compatible with the DCP model, 2G or 3G available.

You need to change parameter p020=00

Send SMS text: Pin1234, P020 00

Memcom Related

1- GSM codec might be incompatible with dialled, Check P078=0 (automatic codec)
Send SMS text: Pin1234, P078?

1- Check that M2M client type is one of the Memcom compatible modes. P020=00(DTMF memco protocol) or P020=21(Data P100)

Send SMS text: Pin1234, P020?

The DCP can handle the Background call using Data, avoiding the common DTMF problems.
Change the Tech. and Background numbers in your memcom to match one of our Avire Hub numbers and use the protocol "P100"