Digital Audio Unit

Several reasons can cause this message,
1-Check if there is at least 1 valid alarm phonenumber set in the DCP.
2-Check if the wires "CanH" and "CanL" are connected properly.

Wires are reversed on the CAN Bus

By default, the operator needs to press "0" when the call is answered.
To remove the need of an acknowledgement key, you can change parameter P114 of the DAU.
1=enabled or 0=disabled

To connect a Siren, you need to wire a relay in the alarm button wiring. The siren will be activated for how long the button is being hold.

Each DAU has a DIP switch to select in which cabin they were installed. Check if one of them is duplicated

No, You can only record one voice message per DCP.
We recomend a message with the following format:
“Lift Alarm! This Lift Location is ………. . Press “0” during the Call to acknowledge the alarm has been answered”

To do this, use a Handset connected to the DCP and follow the instructions the following instructions.
To enter configuration mode, press:
*#*1234*#* ->(you hear “Enter Option”)

To record, connect the handset and press:
*075# …speak… #
To listen the recorded message press: